About Dr. Pope

Photo Credit: Smiley Pool

Meet Dr. Pope

Dr. Pope is an obstetrician gynecologist who spent several years training in obstetric fistula surgery to learn how to repair a wide variety of obstetric fistulas. Each fistula is vastly different from the next as each patient’s injury was caused by a different scenario.

She enjoys surgically repairing fistulas, teaching dedicated surgeons how to repair fistulas, and taking on some of the most complex cases. Though, the most complex cases bring her back to the same frustration—“Why is this still happening to women?”


Photo Credit: Smiley Pool

It would be impossible to not be a feminist and social activist when you take care of women with obstetric fistulas. To see a problem that is completely preventable and has not existed for centuries in my home country, I feel sickened that women are treated this way today. I can only imagine the trauma each woman has been through from the delivery that caused the fistula. I can only hope that I can help improve her quality of life and restore her sense of dignity.

- Dr. Pope

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End Obstetric Fistula by 2030

The United Nations is calling us to end obstetric fistula by 2030. However, only a fraction of women currently have access to surgical repair. We need new minds and new ideas on how to scale up maternal health systems where they are broken and to mobilize patients already with fistulas to access high-quality care.

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